Donna has worked with me on all of my listings. She has an eye for detail and knows how to catch the best angle of houses. Every home has a personality and her photos showcase the features that buyers gravitate towards, thus allowing the home to get more attention. Donna’s goal going into the photo shoot is to get the home SOLD as quickly as possible. As a realtor, it is wonderful to know a vendor has such a deep concern for my success on the sale of a home. The reaction from sellers has been positive; they love seeing their home shine on HAR and get excited to send the photos to family/friends/co-workers and post them online.
Sarah Gallipeau, Realtor, Keller Williams Memorial

“Fantastic! You do a beautiful job. I have looked at all your shoots and they really bring the home alive. Being a former real estate agent, I wish I could have had a professional photographer like Alluring Images by Donna.”
Marilyn Williams, Retired

“You did an awesome job, Donna! One buyer told his agent that he wanted to see this house because this was the type of home he was looking for (home in his price range, updated, clean, & well maintained). The pictures really tell my story! Thanks.”
Jerry Sutherland, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Anderson Properties

“I sent the pictures you took to my client and they sent me an email saying ‘Nice!!!!!!!!’”.
Marie Castecka, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Anderson Properties

“Dorothy said to tell you she really appreciates the great job you did on the pictures. She feels that they were truly instrumental in her home selling in 5 days.”
Sarah Gallipeau, Realtor, Keller Williams Memorial

5.0 star rating 3/8/2017
Photography can be very important when you want to convey to the public something you have to offer such as a house to sell or rent.
I recently had some photos taken by Donna for a house that I am selling. The results were amazing. When you look at her photos it is as if you are standing there in person taking it all in.
I also had her take some photos of my Vacation Rental Condominium and they were equally stunning. I recommend Alluring Images by Donna for any photo project that is important to you.

Robert M.
League City, TX